I’ve led a life of battling shyness.  Over times I have discovered a number of things that address this either as fixes, tips and tricks on how to be more confident, or news ways of approaching the world. is my home for all my confidence related self help discoveries.

I’m gluten intolerant, and I’m always looking for ways around the problems of everyday life.  The intent of is to be a repository of things I figure out and learn.  Not to mention a place to store recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews and guides to what I’ve discovered about cities I live in and visit.


What is the Domains Project

The idea behind the domains project is for me to experiment with some of the concepts addressed in the book “Get Out While You Can – Escape The Rat Race” By George Marshall.  The theory I’m attempting to explore is

I often spend time searching the web for particular pieces of information

Other people will probably also want to get the same information

If I make that information available, in such a way that search engines find it, then I’m doing the world a service.

I can do this quickly, but the results last for ever – continually drawing me hits

Those hits can be monetized in a number of ways

The figures I’ve calculated suggest that, by doing this, I’m able to earn enough to not need another job.

I suspect my figures are dubious (I could easily be out by an order of magnitude), but the whole point here is how I can be maximally useful for minimum effort.  In my next few posts I will link to my first few sites, and then I’ll describe my initial findings