It is time to launch my fourth (or fifth – if you count this) site – timesignal.co.uk.

Up until this point all my sites have had the same approach:

  • Use WordPress as a framework
  • Use a subject I know something about or are continually researching, and add on an ad hoc basis to see what sticks
  • Once the site’s content attracts people, try to convert them by passing on useful links

Its slow going, but its an approach.  Nevertheless, you don’t learn until you try lots of different things, so for my new site, I went off in a new direction.  timesignal.co.uk is intended to introduce people to the world of radio controlled, time signal watches.  I chose the domain, because I know that when I wanted to buy my current watch, I didn’t know it was radio controlled watches (a fairly meaningless term in my opinion) and not time signal watches that I should be searching for.  A bit of research suggests I wasn’t the only one making this mistake, and that it would be possible to be of some help here.  So its a niche – a particularly british niche (I think we use the term time signal more frequently than other english speaking countries.)

So I’ve decided to do a site very much dedicated to comparison shopping for time signal clocks watches – and, given that I’m going for the time signal term, I may as well try to educate and convert people who are interested in that into customers too.  But its an out and out sales site, not a mish mash of ideas like my previous attempts.  Its also not a blog based site.  I’m using (at the moment) a web based design package.  Frankly, I don’t think I’ll stick with it for long – already, it’s annoying me.

Finally, I’m going to spend my next week dedicated to timesignal.co.uk, rather than randomly updating the other sites on a whim.  That’ll let me know the bast way to introduce new sites to the world (quickly, or witha slow, semi-random build up).  It’ll also tell me what leaving my other sites unattended for a week does to them.

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