Status Report 2

I’m beginning to notice my sites turning up in google searches – so far the searches have to be pretty specific – and they don’t seem to turn up all the time (which makes me guess that only some of Google’s servers have taken my sites into their hearts thus far).  Still it makes me think there is still hope.  I’m beginning to think that my sites thus far may be too general – doesn’t seem to have keywords that aren’t handled elsewhere.  And I’m not doing much better with the other sites.  Nevertheless, my portfolio is worth considering is a good general site that can have lots of different information added to it as I progress. is really tied in with a dedicated project that I’m going to build up, then probably not consider.  Its probably got my best chance of making conversions, but has some stiff competition. fits in with my interest in self help and self improvement.  I suspect there is a lot of potential for self help sites – I have a large amount of information to share.  But the competition is high, and it lacks specific keywords  that will attract people.

I think it might be worth trying to add a really niche site to this portfolio.  Especially if I don’t get any organic search hits coming through in the next day or two.

Finally, I’ve added google analytics to this page – who knows what hits the domins project might attract?  While I’m using it more as a project workbook and journal than a place I intend to gain hits, there is no reason not to consider this – an example of business creation and idea generation – to my set of sites.


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