Status Report 1

I began the domains project a few weeks ago.  I’m adding content at a rate which reflects how hard I wish to work on this project, but so far I’m receiving no search driven hits.  I do, however, know that several of my sites have been crawled by the googlebot, so there is opportunity out there.  I’m now at a stage where I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to do next.

1.  I’m beginning the domains project blog.  It seems since I’m thinking about the domains project, I may as well put my thoughts to silicon, in the off chance that that will be useful to people doing similar things.  I also hope that through links to my existing domains, the blog may help encourage google to love them a little more.

2. I’m going to ensure all my sites link back to the domains project blog.  I may as well drive a little traffic (even if it is search engine traffic) here.

3. I’m considering expanding into more sites, covering a few more areas.  For all I know I’m misjudging the competition in the ares I have begun to look at, and a few more niche sites may be useful

4. Originally I spent a fair amount of my time doing trial monetization work on my sites.  I was trying to do everything right from the start.  Right now it occurs to me that monetization isn’t valuable until get hits, so I’m better off adding more and more content until I stumble across the unique terms that search engines are looking for.  Only once I’m getting hits through the door is it worth trying to convert them into paying customers for somebody else.

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