Monthly Archives: June 2011

One Month In

After a month, I’m still learning, and still working out how to approach this most affectively.  Traffic is still growing across all my sites, but not quite at the rate I would like.  Maybe I’m too niche, or competing out of my depth.

Still, with five months more before i have to decide that, lets look at a few thoughts:

Firstly – I set up and started getting traffic almost immediately.  Its doing really well – far faster than the other sites.  I have a suspicion if might be due to being a simple site, not tied up by the mass that is wordpress.  I want to do more simple HTML sites in the future to test this

Secondly – Building was slightly irritating.  I’ve figured out how I want to approach this sort of thing in the future:  I want to write code to do it all.  So right now some of my time is being spent on some python which will build and upload websites of this sort.  as and when I have something worth talking about, I’ll discuss it a bit more

Thirdly – I left most of my sites alone for a week and a half, and traffic continued to grow.  I still want to add more to them, but its clear you don’t have to be constantly flooding sites with more pages, even at the beginning.

Finally:  I’m wondering if my ‘dont spend any more money’ strategy is the right one.  I can put up new sites very cheaply, and in theory, the more sites I put up, the better my chances of getting some return on incoming hits.  Right now I’m thinking a tenner a fortnight might be a sensible budget.

TimeSignal and static pages

Initially, my plan for was to use the inbuilt web design software that came from my hosting provider.  I quickly gave up on that as incredibly frustrating.  I moved back to an old familiar piece of software, nvu, but that also was not realy what I wanted.  In the end, I turned to some CSS I had run across a few days ago.  Blueprint turned out to be exactly what I need – and already (though still unfinished) timesignl is looking pretty and is quite manageable.

Soon I’ll need to script building and uploading it to save me time in generating similar sites – but that can wait until I’ve got the basic structure worked out.